The amount of renumertation is subject to the character and the complexity of our work.  We cherish transparency and a well-balanced cost-performance ratio. On demand, we offer to provide you with a list with all expected costs and the projected litigation costs.  Our fees are based on the following principles of remuneration:

- Lawyer's fee law (RVG)

The lawyer's fee law regulates the remunerations of lawyers, including all central fees, any accessory charges, travel expenses and communication costs. 

- Value Fees: 

The remuneration depends on the value in dispute (object value).

- Fee framework:

These fees are independent from the value in dispute (especially in the case of criminal cases and social court action). Only minimum and maximum fees are regulated. The lawyer determines the amount for adequate remuneration in each case.


- Adequate remuneration:

This fee will be charged for services without value of dispute. The issueing of an accountant's opinion is a prime example.

- Fixed fees:

These fees are not subject to expenditure or value and apply to cases of consultancy or court-appointed defence.

- Fee stipulation:

Lawyers may freely stipulate their remuneration with their clients. Contracts that make the remuneration of the lawyer subject to a certain outcome of the proceedings are only in certain cases admissible. Fee Agreements may be differatiated, e.g. by fixed amounts or hourly rates. The most common variant of fee agreements are an agreement on hourly rates. However, the remuneration may not be smaller than with the remuneration of judicial proceedings.

- Judicial Proceedings:

With judicial proceedings, we are obliged by the lawyer's fee law to charge a foreseen fee. The value fees of the lawyer's fee law are subject to the amount of the value in dispute.

- Extrajudicial services:

We orient the fees for extrajudicial services along the lines of the lawyer's fee law (RVG). In individual cases, fee agreements can be made. Here the average hourly rate for lawyers (that has been evaluated and is available to the Federal Chamber of Attorneys) form the basis for our services. The average hourly rate for lawyers can be retrieved at 

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