The Law Firm

We counsel and advocate small and medium-sized businesses and private persons in various fields of law in Germany or abroad. We offer you interdisciplinary consultation from a single source. We try to a
acommodate your individual judicial and economic situation in order to work out judicial solutions that cater best to your individual needs. Interdisciplinary solicitorship requires a high amount of multidisciplinary knowledge. We safeguard this knowledge and the quality of our work by continued training and constant exchange with colleagues (e.g. lawyers from Iran or Canada). The sooner you contact us, the more effective will be our service for you.

We stand right at your side with our manifold competences, especially:

  • Preventive Consulting
  • Development and realization of concepts and contracts
  • Procuration in court proceedings, arbitral tribunals, government agencies, courts, professional agencies
  • Lectures and seminars







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